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Fibra Italia starts in 2015 its activity in the composite materials production field, in Italy, the industrialized area in the north of Turin.
This is a young enterprise that put together a long and solid experienced staff in manufacturing many types of materials such as carbon fibers, kevlar, various types of honeycomb and also glass fiber.

We have a wide activity area, extended in different sectors. These are some of them:

– Automotive: we produce structural and esthetic parts, ensuring great flexibility and reactivity on production programs. We use the highest quality for raw materials, achieving the longest endurance of our products;

– Aerospace: we mainly produce structural or external laminates, as fairing, cover, skin, spars and structured sandwich out of advanced composites. We realize also structural bonding of constructed parts;
– Motorcycling: using an aeronautic stamping process, we offer a great range of direct components (fairings, body, levers, carters, terminals ecc.) as well as race box and paddock preparation facilities;
– Sport: to afford the increasing demand of high performance materials in sport competitions, we manage to produce top quality components designated for specific use like ski or diving.

Great durability, reduced weight, corrosion resistance are just some of the characteristics of composite materials used in our process.
In Fibra Italia, we take care of every single detail during the production process and we use different technologies for the component achievement, which Pre-preg, where there are used composite materials already resin impregnated, and Wet lay-up, more suitable for manufacturing particular stamps during the prototyping phase.

Our biggest goal is to guaranteeing to our final consumer the highest quality counting on 100% made in Italy productive process and guaranted by Aeronautic Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9100. We do always keep up to the market requirements; every aspect of our enterprise is based on offering to the client the highest level of professionalism they deserve.

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